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Twilight in the desert

How did I miss this one? From July, 2009:

After the National Security Agency "maxed out the capacity of the Baltimore area power grid," according to an article in The Register – itself citing The Baltimore Sun – due to the near-endless electrical needs of its wire-tapping supercomputers, the NSA has begun planning the construction of a brand new, $2 billion data center in the deserts of Utah.

Read the whole thing for a very interesting meditation on architecture and architects.

Because, ya know, we've got economists shilling for banksters, we've got psychologists organizing torture at Gitmo, and we've got architects building... "supermax prisons," which make Arbeit macht frei look tender-hearted, all things considered, and these are all... Highly trained professionals. Highly trained creative class professionals. No wonder they want to feel good about themselves...