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Tweet of the day: "We're an empire now, and when we act...

... we create our own reality" ("Unnamed aide" in Bush administration, widely know to be Karl Rove).

Yes, indeed. And what a steaming load of crap your reality turned out to be, too!

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Unfortunately, in Turdblossom's mountain of lies there runs a vein of truth. Or maybe it's a parallel dimension. Bush's propaganda minister did not create an actual reality, but more like a hallucination brought on by disease. It's not a reality you can believe in, and navigate safely trusting your eyes. If you take it at face value, you will repeatedly stumble, bang your head into invisible walls, trip down stairs - or repeatedly invade Iraq and double down in Afghanistan. It's a false world because cause and effect don't work reliably anymore, and the objects and scenery it shows you aren't really there. But if it's all just a nightmare and we've been staggering along like plague patients or nutters in a delirious haze, still it's a nightmare that we haven't woken up from, and we don't seem able to. The evil wizard has created reality, in effect, and can boast that he has that power - for as long as the spell lasts.