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Tweet of the Day redux

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It surely and grotesquely does.

Obama must have gotten a special adrenaline rush shaking hands with a guy who digs him for being "good at killing people."

Bet that gold chain around Barak's neck is solid gold worth a lot of shekels - think he got to keep it? Probably would pay for a big chunk of Preznetial Liberry or the Palm Springs mansion Obama's looking at for his next chapter as a multi-millionaire sleeze artist.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

Yep murder & chief. Anyone know what that hanging around 0 neck? An award for killing more people than the cycle-0-paths in the house of saud.

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...disgusting things I've ever seen. The asshole Obama "BOWING" to one of the vilest humans on the planet?
Fuck all, we're done...

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Does anybody have a source of publication for the photo (where was it first published, who took it, etc.) and an explanation of what this event was - e.g., date, location, occasion, and the name of the dude Obama's bowing and scraping to?

ADDING: Questions apply to both of the photographs uploaded in this thread.


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" Saudi Arabia beheaded 78 people in 2013"
I assume he is the king of that country: Abdullah.