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Tweet of the Day, no make that Tweet of the Year

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If this is true I may have to become an independant.
Howard Dean

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I take your point, but this is an amazingly important development. 10, 574 people follow him on twitter, and 130 people retweeted that particular tweet. It is a major development and a big warning to Democrats that if they go along with Obama they will pay a big price for it.

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“It’s another one of the peace offerings in Obama’s package to Republicans,” Robert Litan, the director of research for Bloomberg Government and a former official of the Office of Management and Budget, told me.

When does Obama offer something to Democrats? I mean, he is one, isn't he?

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to Obama's budget.

Why, those entitlement cuts just might be something the Repubs appreciate as just find and dandy!

Be afraid, be very afraid. And call your Congress Critters. R's and D's.

Screw us over we will find a way to get you out of office. (No, that is not a physical threat.)