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Facebook is problematic as an organizing tool. They can and will arbitrarily shut down accounts (and have done so for many activist/political organizations), blacklist legitimate websites, etc. There's no effective recourse - initially they generally won't state why an account was deactivated, appeals can be made, but they'll often not respond, or might respond months after the appeal is made, or might arbitrarily reject the appeal for no sensible reason. If Facebook receives a complaint about an account, they'll often shut it down without even investigating the legitimacy of the complaint. A couple weeks ago, Facebook deleted Salman Rushdie's account, saying that they didn't believe who he said he was. Rushdie sent them a copy of his passport, then they said he could only open an account under the name "Ahmed Rushdie" (his birth name), but not "Salman Rushdie" (the name he actually goes by). He was able to shame them into relenting, but only by initiating a PR campaign (based on his fame and fan base). My rant here is partly personal - I finally opened a Facebook account this year, for political organizing in the WI state senatorial recall campaigns (the posts I made were all recall/activism-related) - and after about a month Facebook deleted it, on the grounds that I wasn't who I said I was (my full RL name, which I used for the account, is entirely unique - there's only one of me in the world). I sent them multiple appeal e-mails over a couple months, but they never responded further.

Also if has been incorporated into the SURBL blacklist, I'd be astonished to see Facebook relent and whitelist it (though an appeal to SURBL might be worthwhile).