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Once drones over US skies become plentiful, I expect a rich market for "Not Engaged in Combat" hats, wrist bands, t-shirts, etc.
Michael Wiik

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Submitted by jawbone on

from drone infrared cameras.

Article about clothing line by Adam Harvey (to go with his Dazzle line of cosmetics which stymie facial recognition software) which blocks heat radiation from the head and upper body. A hoody and a hooded shawl so far, both of which have cell phone pockets which block signals which can track the user. Pricey, as the material is very expensive.

He [Harvey] sees the designs as a kind of conversation about surveillance in society at large, he told Vice Magazine.

‘It’s about being cognizant about new developments,’ he said. ‘On one hand, it’s to bring awareness to new forms of surveillance. On the other hand it’s an exploration of materials,"

From the Daily Mail.

The material nickel-metalized -- no aluminum; so I guess tinfoil hats won't, uh, foil the drone cameras.

Submitted by chadwick newsome on

To be on the safe side, I think our hats and tees had better say something like: Not actually engaged in actual combat. Not responsible for virtual or metaphorical combat existing only in mind of drone operator.