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Tweet of the Day (2): "Flexible labor markets"

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you" is a nice touch. "As always," too. I bet!

NOTE I looked up "Visnich" in Snopes. No dice. So I assume this is real. It certainly sounds real.

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(Judging from the addresses on the letterhead of the depicted letter.)

Dunno if they have the equivalent of FMLA/ADA laws which these facts would practically automatically entitle the victim to a very, very rich judgment.

So it's a bad example to illustrate the badness of "flexible labour markets" a la USA because in this particular case, there's clear protection under federal and state laws, and (crucially) very active employee plaintiffs' bars across the US.

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The federal ADA and FMLA laws only kick in for employers who have more than X employees. If this is a tiny doctors' office, Carol likely would not be covered under ADA and FMLA, though analogous state and local laws might create jurisdiction with as few as 1 or 2 employees, but in any event fewer than those required by Fed Law (which by design were written with the lobbying complaints of small biz organizations in mind -- "ADA/FMLA will put us out of business!")

Frankly it's pathetic that we need laws like this in the first place, but that's society under the Because Markets kleptocratic regimes - not a trace of voluntary humaneness in that key social relation that is employment.

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This has got to be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.