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Definitely zeitgeist watch material.

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Submitted by blues on

OMG! The E.U. just like, totally jumped the shark! On very good authority, reports are that they will sanction Gazprom! Announcement to come on Monday! No gas for them this winter!

(Serious chance of economic collapse, and my death from starvation.)

How brave they are standing up to the Russian tanks crushing Ukrainian infants in incubators!

Europe Goes “All In”: Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft

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Submitted by jo6pac on

ZH get it wrong but if true Amerika wins. They will have taken down the EU without firing a shot. How sad they EU officials can't stand up for their citizens. Then again most EU come the world of gold saxs.

It won't faze Russia, 0 and his neo-conns at their best harming the whole world at once.

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Submitted by albrt on

I like that Obama's role is being recognized, but it's pretty scary if people are reading that authorless slideshow and taking it seriously.

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Submitted by paintedjaguar on

So... did everyone notice the real message larded in between the pro forma tut-tuts about inequality?

1 "As social security and medicare become older and older as programs, inefficiencies mean that the tax burden is greater on each generation." and "Tax increases will rise as the unsound proposed solution to the lack of cash, and the young generation will continue to be weighed down as a result." and "How can a country spend so much taking care of the dying while neglecting the ones who need financial help the most and represent the nation's future?"

Generational warfare is the new black (vs white vs gay)

2 "Ideally the government should issue reforms to the welfare programs, cutting down the participants to make the programs more sustainable. " and "All the while, policies that exacerbate social programs takes more people out of the work force to government dependency."

Those lazy lucky duckies!

3 "Instead of a country where ambition is embraced by all and people take accountability for their funds, the people without money tend to bemoan those who do" and "Are people kept down by society's structure or do they just lack the attention span to rise through a job to billionaire status?"

Except for some "spoiled brats" like Paris Hilton, billionaires are self-made American Dreamers. Good Americans are bootstrap pullers.

4 "Minor aches and pains now become career ending when the option is being paid to not work, and this attitude has killed national ambition."

The elderly and disabled are basically just lazy.

5 "If it [the welfare system] all sounds like a drug, that is because money has the same effect as drugs on most people we know."

Poor people need jobs, not money. They can't be trusted with money.

6 "Another lady [in the Occupy movement ] might tell you how corporations are ruining America, only to explain that she is receiving welfare checks and living it up as an early retiree. The movement was disjointed and it was more a forum for the poor and transient to voice their problems with the world than anything else. And, unfortunately, its acceptance is a symbol that Americans have gone from ambitious and competitive to envious and jealous. It has become trendy to vilify the wealthy because they In spite of the fact many companies employ hundreds of people and keep the economy afloat they are torn down as greedy."

Inequality is a problem but that has nothing to do with the rich. We just need to edumacate people better and stop spending so much on lazy lower-class bums.

7 "While the wealthy want less taxes to have money for more employees and deals, much of the less fortunate population believes they have nothing but greed in mind."

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Submitted by lambert on

(Why I posted the tweet, in fact; the frightening aspect.)

However, I think there really two stories, intertwined but without actually engaging; one as you point out, is very much of the right; but the other, more justice oriented, is of the left.

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Submitted by paintedjaguar on

No, I don't think so, Lambert. If read casually, this piece does sound like confused thinking, two contradictory stories intertwined as you said. A closer reading reveals that there is only one thread here, not two, and no contradiction. In fact, it reads so consistently that one is hard pressed not to think it's a very deliberate propaganda effort of a very familiar pattern.

You have a collection of social problems which can be lumped together as parts of an increasing wealth inequity. The problems are too widespread to dismiss and too obviously connected to inequality for anyone to miss. Therefore it is necessary to employ redirection and causal misattribution.

At every turn in this piece, the problems of inequality are identified as the result of some weakness or moral failing of the victims and/or the result of social-democratic policies. The implied solutions are identical to the right-wing policies that actually create the rampant wealth divide. Acknowledging the fact of this growing inequity is the only "justice" part of this narrative and that is carefully balanced by disclaimers about the supposed virtues of the haves and the laziness of the have-nots.

None of this is at all new except perhaps the use of generational blaming as a wedge rather than race, etc. Maybe it seems fresh because in recent years the right has become so adamant about denying that poverty and wealth-gap problems exist at all.

Submitted by Fran on

It felt creepy to me when I first watched it. I wanted to see what others had to say. In the meantime, it has occurred to me that the problem with the American Dream itself is that it is all about what I can get for myself, how much I can accumulate - not about what can I do to make a better world. It is based on the whole individualistic idea Americans have. Our country was founded on it. At best it is expanded to include one's family and group, but not society as a whole. Even my liberal friends might be socially liberal and want things for less fortunate people - as long as they do not have to give up their own comforts.
We also only value work by how much money it gets you - even if that job is actually destructive to society or to the environment. Much work has more value to life, but does not make money for the person doing it. Many of the best things we do are outside of our paid work. This whole thing has a slick double speak to it. It does this by making unfounded assumptions.

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Submitted by okanogen on

5 "If it [the welfare system] all sounds like a drug, that is because money has the same effect as drugs on most people we know."

Except for the rich, they are immune.

7 "While the wealthy want less taxes to have money for more employees and deals, much of the less fortunate population believes they have nothing but greed in mind."

Except when they are selfless.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

I wonder if it is any coincidence that O is in Great Britain right at the time that the Government is freaking out over the Scottish Independence referendum. I read that Spain, Italy and France are worried about a fracturing of their nations as well and won't allow Scotland into the EU if they vote for independence. I could see Scotland following Iceland's economic moves, and that would not make them popular with the EU's PTB.

Very interesting how they are coming apart at the seams.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

they leave it will send GB into a tail spin most of their armed nukes are in Scotland. The last time I read about it if the vote goes through then the nukes will need to be removed. I think not being part of the EU is a good thing and Putin has afford them in the past $$$$$ and trade.

Go Voters in Scotland

Submitted by lambert on

... are in Scotland too. Well, the Metropolis in London were assholes to us, and assholes to the Irish, and lost both. So we'll see how they do with the Scots.

I think the Scots are demented not to be sovereign in their own currency, though. Can't Mosler or Kelton or somebody get through to them? They kick the City of London in the nads, and then hand the keys to their own currency over to them? How does that work?

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Submitted by nippersdad on

I didn't get that either. Krugman seems to believe that they will stay with either the Pound or the Euro, but why would they do that at this point? Seems like most of the separatist movements' energy is directly derived from economic issues related to austerity driven Pound policies. It just makes no sense.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Sounds like they are already freaking out. I read a quote somewhere this morning, I wish I could remember the pols name, where he was talking about putting border patrols on the Scottish border if they secede!

Troops on the border?

When did Lindsay Graham or John McCain become British pols? The pants wetting is fun to watch, though.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Is this level of cowardice part of the Neo Gaultian Ideal that Taylor Swift (Who's Your Bankster Daddy?) is spreading from her Tweetdom?

Boy, is that bar getting lower and (thanks Painted Jaguar) way scarier. This is Stepford Persons Land all the way. Scary S**t, man.

Submitted by lambert on

It's the whole site,

Nothing is ever signed, and the prose is English, and I don't think the English was generated by a bot, but it has a very odd tone to it, nothing I can put my finger on.

Check it out, I'd be interested in thoughts....