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Tweet of the day (2)

This tweet/image is awesome and should be widely propagated.

It's from an Indian poster, but I saw it reposted by a Thai person -- in Thailand, the "good people" are busily re-rigging the electoral system to disenfranchise those who are not "good" -- but it applies, oh so deeply, to our own elites as well.

An elite that waits in line like the rest of us is a good goal to strive for. That's one reason for Canadian-style single payer.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

love this person and have read some interesting stories about his life. He and his wife stayed in their home after winning the election so he can still be with neighbors and no not of them like him but they will still seat down with him and have a beer at the end of the day. He has thrown most if not all ngos out the country along with the Amerikan military. He just trying to save his country so it doesn't return to the old way like Honduras.

Thanks L

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What an example for humankind; but then, we're well past that kind of governance, no?
I mean, there are wars to wage, ideologies to crush (including Jose's), so we likely haven't time for his kind...