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Submitted by lambert on

Why are we floating those Hillary-for-Veep trial balloons when Mitt Romney is the obvious choice? And, moreover, the choice Obama would clearly prefer: 1. Harvard; 2. Male; 3. Republican; 4. Asshole in suit wearing Rolex.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

I like it. Obama/Romney '12.

Submitted by jawbone on

pres a more palatable move for the really dangerous rightwingers....

So, no, I don't see Obama pairing with Romney. Bush I had Dan Quayle as anti-assassination/-impeachment insurance; Bush The Younger had Cheney as the same.

Biden? Doesn't quite fill that role.... But Romney might just be an open invitation to crazies. Plus, I don't think Mitt sees himself as a #2, executive in waiting.

But, I did think the R's should have just claimed Obama and nominated him. Would help them with the minorities vote and maybe drive out the really really craaaaazy righwing fundies/racists/etc.