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I find myself agreeing with Roger Stone very rarely. But damn. He's right!

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Submitted by BruceMcF on

Are we sure he's right? Well, metaphorically, of course he's right, but what about literally?

After all, I have no idea what kind of strange souvenirs Poppy Bush may have picked up in his days working for Nixon as chairman of the Republican National Committee ... and what access Jeb had to any of those souvenirs.

Submitted by lambert on

I guess I would say yes, because Nixon is a single, albeit towering figure, whereas the Bushes are an entire dynasty. So Nixon is even more heroic than we might have imagined....

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Submitted by albrt on

Both parties have adopted his basic program - a unitary executive operating in secrecy, 360 degree surveillance, wars of aggression carried out an all scales from individual political killings to destabilization of entire regions.

Of course, Nixon would probably be doing more on domestic social welfare and the environment than any current representative of either wing of the Bushbama party, but that's understandable since there is no indication American voters want social welfare or a habitable environment.

Submitted by lambert on

I'm trying to think if JFK (or Eisehower) can be said to have been "unitary executives," and I don't think so. But I'm having a hard time coming up with reasons.

If true, this neatly puts Nixon at the pivot point of the "neo-liberal turn" in the mid-70s. The contradiction would be between what the State became in the next 40 years, and Nixon's extensions of the State via e.g. the EPA. The rolling back or capture of those extensions would be a nice way to characterize or calibrate to progress of neo-liberal hegemony. Hmm.