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Yow! That's painful.

Where was this photo taken? I've never seen this kind of packing, but my neighborhoods of NYC have always tended to treat bananas as if they were the penny candies of my youth... you get one banana for (usually) about 25-30 cents, regardless of weight. The bananas hang on ropes strung like clotheslines in the windows. If you don't want the whole bunch, you take what you want, and no one ever complains.

Man, I want a banana about now...

The prices suggest it's Britain. I'd imagine bananas are hard to come by there, but still...

[Warning: rant about to happen, not really related to the post.]

A local grocer has taken to packaging EVERYTHING in styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic wrap, despite the fact that the local population (a mix of Caribbean, Mexican, Colombian, Salvadoran, etc, and a bunch of Middle Eastern, Holocaust survivors, plus economically challenged people like me) prefers picking over their produce themselves. The grocer shares an ethnic background with a very large number of locals (the largest single group). I understand why he's doing this: the grocery business is very marginal, and "picking over produce" is not a gentle process. His store is on a major street, hence I bet he pays a high rent. Businesses like this are being priced out by nightclubs, etc. (Which is why he now stocks stuff that the local "incomers" as opposed to the local majority want, and a grocery two blocks away on a less desirable street offers the same products, minus the stuff "incomers" want, at a much lower price - about 30% lower! But "incomers" have more money, after all...)

Sad, how it all works out. No one who moves into a neighborhood like this intend to ruin it, and yet...

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Selling birthright for a mess of pottage.

That said, I have seen some styrofoam and plastic on a few street food stalls, not many, fortunately.