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Submitted by Dromaius on

Of course Obama is indifferent....because according to Al Sharpton, the loss is all Bill and Hillary's fault. They were the ones who campaigned for Democrats, not Obama.....

(I laugh because I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused).


Barmitt O'Bamney's picture
Submitted by Barmitt O'Bamney on

Oh yes, that's the Democratic Party I know and loathe:

"We wuz robbed!"

"It's the Clinton's fault!"

"Stupid, stupid voters and their stupid problems they expect action on! Can't they see how brilliant we are? Don't they see that they benefit just by having smart guys like us in charge regardless of what happens to the economy? Don't they understand that because we are no longer actively resisting referenda movements like this, they may soon be able to smoke marijuana cigarettes at their gay weddings- while tobacco use will be virtually outlawed through Obamacare? How can that not be enough for them?"

"Those backstabbing, emo leftards - this is all their fault! Sure there's only like a couple dozen of them, but they whined and complained constantly that we weren't changing the Reagan-Bush trajectory of national policy. With their non-stop weeping and wailing about "direction" and "first principles" they drove Hispanics and the millennials away from the polls. Goddamn them! Maybe camps are the answer..."