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I've come -- dear readers, please say if I show this too obviously -- to rely on twitter for a lot of news. This tweet, besides being newsworthy or at least news-suggestive in all sorts of ways -- drought, water shortage, climate change, political effects in CA -- shows how Twitter and what seems to be an emerging golden age of data-driven infographics are merging. (See not Nate Silver but The Upshot at the Times.)

I hope Twitter's owners don't make Twitter more like FaceBook. I mean, I have Facebook. I don't need another one. As a blogger, what I need to do is leverage this new force. Not sure how to do that, but what I am sure about is that simply placing tweets in sequence, a la Storify, is not the way forward. The long form is about contextualization, and nothing does the long form better than blogging. So.....

NOTE If you can't see the graphic and the tweet doesn't look like a tweet, you've disabled JavaScript in some way, probably with an ad blocker. But you can click on the date to see the original.

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...pumping groundwater and thereby lowering the water table. In '67 I lived in Idaho and to the south (to the Nevada border) and east of Boise the farms were pumping so much water the water table was going down one foot per day. 100 year old wells were going dry.
Not a good time to be a water master, no?