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Tweet of the day

Whoops. That's what the Democrats get for trying to out-pander the Republican on military issues.

Of course, Walsh is in good company:

Mr. Walsh changed the listing after the newspaper Roll Call ran an article about the matter, but did not offer an explanation publicly.The breadth of Mr. Walsh’s apparent plagiarism, however, is startling — and rivaled by few other examples in recent political history. Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, was found last year to have presented the work of others as his own in a newspaper opinion article, a book and speeches. And Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. dropped his 1988 presidential bid when it was revealed that in campaign speeches he had used language similar to that of the British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock without attributing the remarks.

I wonder who dropped the dime? The story doesn't say. Unless the Times has a bot that's going through all the resumes on Capitol Hill, and feeding them into anti-plagiarism software. Which would be pretty funny.

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