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We -- that is, people of my age -- often thought, with Dwight D. Eisenhower, of social insurance programs like Social Security or Medicare as "settled law." In fact, they were always under assault, and are today subject to neo-liberal infestations that seek to destroy them because markets. I know I certainly thought of the UK's NHS as "settled law" too. But no!

No shortage of assholes on the other side of the pond, I see. I wonder if Labour is selling the people of the UK down the river just like the Democrats are over here? I'm guessing yes.

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One-Man Neo-Liberal Infestations who have pushed the Overton Window all the way to the right side of the window frame.

Recall, that one of Mr. Blair's "Signature" moves was branding the "New Labour," aka destroy the public realm by privatizing it "because markets." The Brits got screwed thinking Blair would restore the UK to humanity after Maggie's cruel reign. Sound familiar, like with Barack Obama/Bush, etc. etc.?

Here's from Wikipedia on Blair:
From Wikipedia on Blair:

Blair is both credited with and criticised for moving the Labour Party towards the centre of British politics, using the term "New Labour" to distinguish his pro-market policies from the more collectivist policies which the party had espoused in the past. [Isn't "pro market policies" a negation of collectivism? This wasn't just a rebranding by adding the word "New" in front of "Labour" FFS!]
In domestic government policy, Blair significantly increased public spending on health and education while also introducing controversial market-based reforms in these areas
. [Don't know the details at all, but will speculate this means Tony worked from the same US education reform privatization playbook of increasing public money for private charter schools, i.e., funnelling public funds to the looting tapewormsm and thus eliminating public schools, public teachers, etc. Certainly the attacks on the NHS are very reminiscent of the playbook that our own USA Kleptocracy (currently headed by Barak "I kill good" Obama)]

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has been using to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, and on and on -- every one of our sacred safety nets that were hallmarks of America's (perhaps always fictional) humanitarian democracy."

(My edit time ran out on my post before I could finish the last sentence!)

All this to say that it's the Neo-Liberal NEW LABOUR (not LABOUR) that rules the UK, and, like its Globalist brethren in our legacy Democratic party, it has one mission and one mission only: to destroy everything public by privatizing it.