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Tweet of the day

I don't mean to harp on this, but since my twitter feed is infested with this campaign:

Michelle's moist eyes and lower lip simply exude sincerity, don't they? Just another head fake left for the midterms.

NOTE Obama: "[I'm] really good at killing people."

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It's 'cause they're green!

Walmart gets just a fraction of its total energy from solar -- about 3 percent -- but because the retailer is the world's largest private employer, that's enough to rank it sixth on the Environmental Protection Agency's list of top "green power users."

But Obama's choice of Walmart to highlight private-sector energy efficiency enraged many on the left.

Among the hundreds protesting outside was Efrain Aguilera, a farmworker from Salinas who held one corner of a giant sign saying: "Mr. President, support our Walmart workers." He said the labor movement is disappointed with Obama because it worked so hard to get him elected and yet now he's lending support to Walmart. [whst labor movement?]

U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, now a UC Berkeley professor, agreed.

"What numbskull in the White House arranged this?" Reich wrote on his Facebook page Friday, noting that Walmart's greenhouse gas emissions grew 2 percent last year to nearly half a million metric tons while the company still lags behind other big companies on renewable power.

"More to the point, Walmart is one of the nation's largest and worst employers -- low wages, unreliable hours, few benefits, discrimination against women, and anti-union," Reich wrote. "Most of the rest of us are subsidizing Walmart by paying for the food stamps and Medicaid its workers need because Walmart doesn't pay them enough to keep them out of poverty."

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Not to pile on, but Michelle is my least favorite first lady ever -- even including the wretch Nancy Reagan. Full disclosure: I belong to a mixed-race family.

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#bring back our humanity

"This figure runs around the corner, the outside, toward the front of the building. And it looked like a little kid to me. Like a little human person," he said. "There's this giant flash, and all of a sudden there's no person there."

Bryant says he asked the pilot: "Did that look like a child to you?" The message came back from another intelligence analyst: "Per the review, it's a dog."

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... because in that part of the world, a dog is about the worst sort of animal to be, and the controller, consciously or not, replicates that.