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Tweet: New document found about 2006 Guantanamo "suicides" (updated)

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Caught my eye -- this updates that transcript I did recently of Scott Horton being interviewed on Australian radio in 2010 about his article in Harper's on the three Gitmo "suicides."

Horton's new Harper's article is behind a paywall, but Kevin Gosztola at Firedoglake has posted a story in addition to the CCR one linked by Froomkin.

Plus, odd synchrony -- I just rewatched Errol Morris's Standard Operating Procedure this week, his 2008 documentary about the Abu Ghraib photos. At one point the soldiers recount how the higher-ups at Abu Ghraib decided to play the removal of al-Jamadi's corpse (the "Ice Man" who died during CIA interrogation) as an Army exercise in theater -- putting an IV in his two-day-old dead arm and taking him out of the prison tier on a gurney with medical attendants as if he were still alive. So now I read... well, Froomkin's pic is fuzzy but you can read if you zoom:

Because the document presents a situation of intense confusion, in which attending personnel were seemingly uncertain whether they should attempt to save Al-Zahrani's life or to stage his death by suicide...

At that point, according to the document Horton just found, Al-Zahrani was still alive.

UPDATE: I see follow-up tweets -- take out the spaces in the following link -- I'm using the link not the embed because I'm trying to point to the conversation as well.

https:// TylerBass/status/467453372132368384

.@froomkin @kgosztola the "new" and "missing" @harpers document was on March '09. Excerpted:

@TylerBass says the document Horton just wrote about has been posted online since 2009 at DOD FOIA site. Froomkin retweets. Bass links to both Exhibit 25 excerpt he posted on Scribd and 166-page report pdf at DOD (Scribd pages look different to me than pdf. Pdf p. 15-17 looks to me like Horton's embedded pix of Exhibit 25 in the Froomkin twitterpic, but I can't see that it's labeled Exhibit 25). Gosztola wonders how Horton missed. Bass thanks Gosztola and Harper's for calling out attention to a document "certainly worthy of attention, though hardly covered up." I wonder about it all, because Horton did explain where it's missing -- in the NCIS FOIAed report -- is that not the DOD FOI pdf?

Horton: The document shown here, Exhibit 25 in the NCIS report, is a statement by Master-at-Arms Denny, a member of the escort team that transferred the three detainees to the hospital... Suspiciously, Exhibit 25 was missing from the version of the report that was released to the public following a Freedom of Information Act request. I was able to review these pages only after finding them in a separate report prepared by the staff judge advocate assigned by the Navy to investigate the case... Denny's statement took up three pages of the original NCIS report. In the public version, duplicates of other pages from the report were renumbered to stand in their place--strongly suggesting that the exclusion of Exhibit 25 was deliberate.

By the way, it's nice that Bass tells us what the pdf that he links to is, because when you look at it, the cover is blanked out in blue, and all you have to go on is the pdf title in the DOD link: DicksteinGTMO_SJA_DeathInvestigation2.pdf. (Wonder what DeathInvestigation1 is?) Meanwhile, I space out... blue cover... think back...

After 40 Years, the Complete Pentagon Papers
NYT 6/7/11

But the secrecy has persisted. Timothy Naftali, the director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, said that when he recently put together an exhibit on Watergate, he wanted to display just the blue cover of the Pentagon Papers report. "I was told that the cover was classified," he said, adding that he was astounded.

Maybe in 2054 we'll see this blue cover declassified.

Snapping back, as I've been writing this I see tweets have been added to the conversation. Jeff Kaye asks everyone, Bass, Froomkin, Gosztola, Harper's, "So, you are saying this there was never any missing document? No NCIS or CIA subterfuge?," Gosztola dittoes, and then Kaye tweets that he expects "full story will be coming out soon." Also Kaye left an interesting comment in Gosztola's story here.

I uncovered evidence that other Guantanamo suicides were suspicious, particularly the deaths of Mohamed Al-Hansahi and Abdul Rahman al-Amri (the latter discovered hanging with his hands tied behind his back).

Must check back to see where this goes.

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