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Tweaked 12 Reforms

Based on the discussion with letsgetitdone starting here, voila:

The 12 Reforms

I. Media Reform
1. Net Neutrality
2. Fairness Doctrine
3. Local Ownership of Media
II. Election Reform
4. Public Campaign Financing
5. Electoral Integrity
6. Self-organized web-based citizen deliberation
III. Economic Reform
7. MMT Macro-economic Policies
8. Preserve and Expand the Commons
9. More Co-operatives, Fewer Corporations
IV. Political Reform
11. Fiat Justitia. Ruat Caelum
10. Strategic Non-Violence
12. Points and Reforms Are Indivisible

(The changes are underlined.)
For #5, the overlay bullet points look like this (at least):

5. Electoral Integrity

  • Paper Ballots Counted in Public
  • Compulsory Voting

Like I said, I don't see "compulsory voting" as cast in stone, even though the Australians seem to be doing OK with it.

For #6, the overlay bullet points would expand on lets's IVCS work.

#11, "Fiat Justitia. Ruat Caelum" -- a brilliancy I ripped out of context in the interchange with lets, propagated by Bill Black -- replaces "Principles not personalities." For one thing, Fiat really is a superset of principals, not personalities. Even better, this is the reform where we toss the banksters in jail; it's a niftier way of saying "restore the rule of law." For another, I think people like a little bit of erudition they can easily explain; "It means 'Let justice be done, even if the sky falls.'" And there's not a lot of that going around these days, is there?

Readers? I'm about ready to stick a fork in this. You?

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V. Arnold's picture
Submitted by V. Arnold on

So, as a late comer here; where is this going? What's not to like? It corrects and improves virtually all that's amiss in America as it stands today.
You're speaking about an empowered society fully taking responsibility for its direction and future. Also, it would seem, protected from internal decay(?).
Unfortunately everything done is self inflicted.
Americans today suffer from PMDD (profound memory deficit disorder) and a declining I.Q.
What is the cure for that?
Mandatory voting is worth a look, IMO. It seems to work for Australia. I have a friend who visits from there and he likes the fact on the ground.

V. Arnold's picture
Submitted by V. Arnold on

Nuts, I haven't figured out the edit system here and lost my corrections/edits.
As per above, for clarification; the American voter has been the tool of big business interests and are convinced to vote against their own best interests. Obviously there is a lack of critical thinking ability; so how to fight the overwhelming avalanche of propaganda?
Without a viable third party we're pretty much toast. Nobody has yet gotten past the fog of bullshit with a third party.
It takes votes away from the serious/legitimate candidates...WTF?????
Am I discouraged? No. I gave up and got out. I've been pilloried for that at every turn.

Submitted by lambert on

.... before pressing Save. The Interent is a hostile computing environment. (Not sure how you lost the edits, but a time-out is the most likely, and generally caused by factors out of our control).

Submitted by lambert on

In fact, I'm never heard of such a thing. Maybe it's just one of those weird things that happens whenever something is new.

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