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Turn your wheels in the direction of the skid

Because as long as your front wheels skid, you have no directional control of the car. Jack Crow captures this feeling of a sudden loss of friction, of sudden groundlessness, really brilliantly. Just go read his awesome post.

This feeling is what I was trying to get at in this greatly inferior post.

I don't know where the feeling is coming from; things aren't so bad for me right now as they might be; better than they have been in a long time. My garden is in good shape. Perhaps, as a good Yankee, I'm feeling "I'll pay for this." Or perhaps something in the air really is changing, even if nobody knows what it is yet.


NOTE I'm thinking also that my lurking fear of groundhogs undermining my foundations, and causing my house to collapse, is another manifestation of this same angst.

UPDATE I've subsequently connected with one blogosphere friend, and two RL friends, who knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned this, and experienced it at the same time (and one other, who said "I feel like tha all the time"). Very, very odd. Like the behavior of animals before an earthquake.

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by Isaac Asimov

...and those few have taken proper measures. They consist mainly of the immediate members of the families... The rest can go hang.

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From the same link:

“They’ve got more,” said Aton. “They’ve got all our records, except for what we will collect today. Those records will mean everything to the next cycle, and that’s what must survive. The rest can go hang.”