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Tuesday morning "Gotta go out now" Lo-Fi blogging

Sending this one out to "those who" are t-i-r-e-d and b-o-o-o-o-o-r-e-d and exhausted by letting the democratic process play out. Yeah, all you vote suppressors out there, you know who I'm talking to.

On the other hand, coronations are fun!

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Submitted by Gidget Commando on

A bunch of Hillary supporters I know tried to log onto the DNC site early this morning to register for Saturday's meeting. Unfortunately, it seemed as though the tickets were all gone by the time anybody could get in. Does anybody here have any info if it was just extremely heavy traffic or was it already in the can for Dean's hand-picked peeps?

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Submitted by bringiton on

Bring signs. March up and down. Make a lot of noise. Get on the news.

Be a squeaky wheel; no ticket required.

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Submitted by tedster on

Been reading your stuff for a few months, while surfing about looking for somebody who shared some of my thoughts about this administration and election.....what convinced me to become a regular reader was your post explaining your rationale for supporting Hillary.

I, too, was and Edwards supporter, and true to form, like anybody else I've truly wanted to win, he never had a chance. While I despise much about Hillary, particularly how poorly she's campaigned, your post articulated many of the reasons I chose to back her over ObamaCain.

But what inspired me to register so that I could post, were your links to obscure (OK, freakin' ollllld) rock video clips, starting with The Who before they knew what to do in front of a camera (The Kids Are Alright....what fool thought it was the Beatles, anyway), the Stones with Brian & Keith playing Firebirds, the most truly bad*ss looking and sounding guitars ever made, and that Dylan stuff....Whew!. And then you topped it off with the Isley Bros, Twist & Shout, showing just how completely note for note the Beatles covered that tune......brought a smile to my face, even amidst the incredible criminal abuse this administration hath wrought on us all.

And now you've even topped that one!

Thx, Lambert!