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Trump's intriguing political history

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Trump told that Dunbar’s efforts may well have “planted the seed” that has resulted in almost three decades of contemplating a presidential campaign. “It was a long time ago. And because I was in New Hampshire, everyone went crazy and said ‘He’s running for president’, which wasn’t true … But it really was because of that speech that this whole thing started.”

Dunbar looked back on the events that led up to Trump’s first trip to New Hampshire. “At the time, Donald Trump interested me. I felt … that he had what we needed in a president. I thought he would be amenable to a grassroots movement.” (Trump was registered as a Democrat at the time,

Who was the man Dunbar wanted to be president?

Is Trump still an enemy of neoliberalism? (This is just several months ago)

'We need fair trade. Not free trade'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that he would renegotiate or break the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

“We will either renegotiate it or we will break it,” Trump said during an interview on 60 Minutes, following a question about how to keep American jobs from moving to Mexico. “Because, you know, every agreement has an end.”

One more video, this one from 1991. Trump speaking before the House Task Force on Urgent Fiscal Issues. You can skip to 4 minutes in, and he starts railing against the Republican tax cuts on the super rich:

Trump's bigotry?

Still, several high-profile African-Americans, including some who have condemned his campaign remarks and his promotion of conspiracy theories about Mr. Obama’s eligibility for the presidency, appear torn about whether Mr. Trump is, at heart, a racist — or whether he is cynically playing to the anxieties of white Americans at a time of great demographic change to bolster his political standing.

Their experience is complicated, too, by Mr. Trump’s extensions of kindness to them.

“I knew him in another life,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights activist, who has known Mr. Trump for three decades and who once used office space on Wall Street donated to him by Mr. Trump. “I have never seen him in this light before.”

Not sayin' Trump's necessarily pulling a DLC on the GOP, but if I were a Koch brother, I would be utterly, utterly terrified right now.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Nice and informative thread. Trump is nothing if not a savvy showman.
Politics in the U.S. is bread and circuses; not to be taken seriously.
Being informed is of paramount importance; which eliminates the majority and gives Trump an immediate advantage to exploit the proletariate.
In the end, cynic that I am, I no longer believe voting matters and Obama (traitor) is living proof of that reality.
The deep state truly exists and usurps any election results.
Ben Franklin was asked what form of government was formed; a democracy or a monarchy.
His reply was; "A republic, if you can keep it."
We didn't keep it: The rest is history...

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Imagine a Sanders vs Trump general debate. Is it possible to guess what it would look like? Will the Trump Rev Jackson has known for 30 years re-emerge, maybe?

I have no loyalty to the DNC. I will ONLY register as a democrat and put any degree of faith in the DNC if Sanders wins the primary.

All I know is, Trump scares me FAR less than Cruz.