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Trump Therapy 5.1 -- Protest RNC/Trump in Philly on Thursday

The RNC is coming to Philadelphia for a retreat from Wednesday to Friday, and Trump is coming on Thursday to speak to them..

And, of course, there will be protests.

There is a facebook page about this, but no other obvious efforts at co-ordination. Sadly, given the tens of thousands of people who protested against Trump on Saturday on the Ben Franklin Parkway (and the thousands and thousands of people from the Philly metro-area who went to DC to join that protest), only 7000 people have been "invited", and only 1500 have confirmed their participation.

One would have thought that the organizers of the Women's March would at least have noted the protests, but I can find nothing on their site about it. This is problematic at best, given that a poor showing on Thursday will be used to discredit Saturday's events, and demoralize those who participated in them.

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No comprende the last paragraph - don't see how a poor showing on Thursday discredits the great showing in Philly last Saturday; they are separate events, albeit with some overlapping concerns. The Women's March was planned way back in November and gathered steam as the inevitability of Hair Furor's inauguration became certain. This is the first I've heard about Thursday's potential Hair Furor address. He blows off a fair number of scheduled engagements providing little opportunity for self-aggrandizement, so the lack of commitment is understandable.