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Trump Therapy 50.1 -- Two Maps

There is a reason why Obamacare is doing poorly in a number of states...
And its because the GOP is running these States.
Look at this map that shows which states that expanded Medicaid and which didn't, which is a very good indicator of whether the state government tried to make Obamacare work, or whether it wanted Obamacare to fail.
And compare it to this map, which shows, by county, which places have only one insurer participating in the "Healthcare Marketplace"
The states where one insurer "Marketplaces" predominate are generally those that have not adopted Medicaid expansion.

Of the 31 states that expanded Medicaid, only 3 (Alaska, Arizona, Nevada) seem to have 50% or more of their territory with only one Marketplace insurer -- and one of those states (Alaska) expanded only in the last year.

And in over 60% of states (12 of 19) where expansion did not take place, there is considerable "no competition" territory. These states include Wyoming, Oklahoma, Alabama, and South Carolina, where statewide there is only one insurer in each county, as well as Utah, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee).

It also appears obvious that even in those states with Medicaid expansion and significant territory covered by only one insurer, most of those counties are the least populated in the states -- I'm going to do some compare and contrast stuff in another post. (I hope).

The Dems need to adjust their message -- pointing out that the states where Obamacare is doing the worst are those states run by the GOP who refuse to expand Medicaid -- or take other steps to implement Obamacare effectively.

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