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Trump Therapy 16.1 -- Yemghazi

another story that would be getting a lot more attention were it not for Trump's "government by chaos" style. It turns out, the administration has been lying about the origins of the Yemen raid. According to someone who was "in the room", Sean Spicer is lying when he says that the raid was approved by the NSC Deputies Committee on Jan 6, and that it was held off only because they wanted to do it on a moonless night.

According to Colin Kahl*, who as VP Biden's National Security Advisor was part of the NSC Deputies Committee, all that committee considered on Jan. 6th was a general proposal from the DOD to "{expand} authorities for these types of raids". There was no consideration of the specific Yemen raid, and no decision was made regarding the DOD proposal because of the upcoming change in administrations.

According to Slate (citing the NY Times) it was Sec. of Defense Mattis, and Joint Chief's Chair Dunford, who approached Trump with the plan at a dinner on January 25. Buts its extremely unlikely that military officials would volunteer an unvetted raid in this fashion. Instead, it appears far more likely that Trump (and/or Michael Flynn) told Mattis and Dunford to present Trump with something he could do to "fight terrorism", and the Yemen raid was the closest thing to being ready.

Yemen appears to be precisely what Congressional Republicans were looking so hard for in its Benghazi investigations -- the loss of American life as a result of incompetence/venality at the highest levels. But unlike Benghazi, where its clear that the crucial decisions were all made by lower level employees, Yemen can be attributed directly to the intervention of the highest level officials imaginable.

*Kahl also appeared on Maddow's show, and the interview is seriously damning.

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