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Trump Therapy 14.1 -- Well Organized Anarchists

There is something wrong with this picture.
Since when are anarchists so highly organized? Since when can 100 to 150 people plan a violent action, all wearing black and milk soaked kerchiefs, and many carrying shields, and no one hears about it in advance?

I don't buy it -- at least not as its being presented by the media, as if its some kind of home grown protest. While its true that some anarchists would be more than happy to engage in this kind of provocation, most of them are pacifists, and completely against violence. In other words, the odds that most of these Black Bloc people are local is pretty small.

Which begs the question -- where did they come from, and who is organizing/funding them? And Occams Razor suggests tells us to look at who benefits, and who gets hurt. Based on that criteria, one has to conclude that they are being funded by those who want to discredit the left, and they are being lead and organized, at least in part, by agents provocateurs. The right has a long history of using such people to discredit the left, most recently during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Indeed, while there is no reason to suspect that Milo Yiannopoulos is responsible for this group, he is known for employing agents provocateurs that infiltrate groups that are peacefully protesting his speeches. These people start a scene, and make sure that the camera is running once the protesters surrounding them react angrily -- and the video gets posted on right wing hate sites like Brietbart

But my favorite theory is that Putin is behind this. Russia has been encouraging the emergence of the far right throughout Europe in order to discredit democratic institutions. What better way to discredit democracy than by discrediting those who demonstrate peacefully for change by associating them with violent "leftists".

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