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Trump Therapy 141.1 -- Comey torpedoes himself

no one seems to have picked up on the best line of "defense" that Trump should grab onto --- Comey's discussion of Lynch's decision to refer to the Clinton investigation as a "matter". THAT whole thing draws into serious question Comey's reliability as an "interpretative" witness.

How many times has Comey said he can't talk about something because the FBI does not comment on ongoing investigations -- and will not even confirm or deny that an investigation is taking place? Indeed, Comey did not tell the country about the investigation into potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia BECAUSE the FBI doesn't talk about ongoing investigations.

Yet, when Lynch followed this policy, and told Comey to refer to the investigation as a "matter", Comey immediately suspected nefarious motives. :Lynch acted in a manner completely consistent with the law and Justice Department policy, but Comey perceived it as political, and that perception colored all of his subsequent perceptions (like jumping to the conclusion that the "tarmac" meeting was nefarious, and relying upon a unverified -- and subsequently debunked -- "memo" saying that Lynch was in the bag for Clinton).

Fast forward to January 6, when Comey briefs Trump on the "dossier". Comey offered no real reason for why he immediately wrote himself a memo -- even when pressed, all he could provide were vague expressions of doubt about Trump's character. Comey did not even go with the "can't discuss it because it concerns a classified briefing" excuse --- Comey just said he was just going with his gut.

A good lawyer would argue that, because of the whole Lynch thing, we know that Comey will assume the worst if he is inclined to, and his subsequent perceptions will be colored by those assumptions. Thus, while Trump may have used words like "loyalty" and said that he "hoped" that Comey can, "let it [the Flynn investigation] go", Comey's interpretation of those words is completely unreliable. Comey had already made up his mind on January 6, and all subsequent actions were interpreted within that framework.

Personally, I think that Comey's whole Lynch "investigation" vs "matter" thing is his ex post facto attempt to justify the "showboating" of his conclusions regarding the Clinton email investigation -- that at the time, Comey understood exactly why Lynch made the call she did, and accepted it at that time. Only in hindsight did Comey "decide" that there was something suspicious about Lynch's (perfectly reasonable) decision. But the truth is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is Comey's testimony --- and that testimony makes his interpretation of events completely unreliable.

The good news is that the GOP is so obsessed with Clinton that they will never consider questioning Comey's credibility based on his Lynch testimony.

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