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Trump Therapy 1.1

We have many people for every job. I mean no matter what the job is, we have many incredible people. I think, Reince, you can sort of just confirm that. The quality of the people is very good. ... We’re trying very hard to get the best people. Not necessarily people that will be the most politically correct people, because that hasn’t been working. So we have really experts in the field

. “ Donald Trump, NYT interview, 11-23-2016

But we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people.

Donald Trump, inaugural speech, 1/20/2016

Don't dare try and blame us for this giant clusterfuck.

75% of The People,* the ballot box, 11/8/2016

That giant clusterfuck, the inauguration parade, is halfway done. 15 minutes after the parade was supposed to be over, the first groups were just starting to march past Trump. Hundreds of children (like The Little Wranglers from “The Great State of Texas”), who have stood around in the damp DC afternoon for hours, are finally getting their chance to strut their stuff in front of the great man. Pained looks are common – and one hopes that the planners at least rented enough port-a-potties for the marchers at the end of the route.

The “official” reviewing bleachers in front of the White House are nearly empty. These are the “ticketed” seats, the ones reserved for people who know people. And those people haven't shown up. There are even empty seats in the “climate controlled” V-V-VIP section. The official (so far) explanation has something to do with buses. Lunch ended too late to get people to their buses in time. Buses just didn't show up after the swearing in ceremony.

Buses. They couldn't get the buses right. And they haven't bothered to find anyone to run the government. There are 690 jobs that require Senate confirmation. So far, nominations have been announced for 30.

I'm calling this series “Trump Therapy” because if I don't talk about this horror show, I'll go crazy. And if I do talk about it, I'll wind up babbling so incoherently that people will think I'm crazy. Correntewire looks like a “safe space” (ugh) right now...its public, but has little traffic, and thus hasn't been infested with the trolls who have taken over every other comments section of any size.

*Trump won 45.9% of the vote. Turnout was 54.4%

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Thanks for this series Mr Lukasiak, it's a sight for sore eyes that wandered over here long ago following one of your posts about the 2008 primary wars. Those posts provided a much-needed respite for mainstream fictions, as does this series. Hope others wander back, but not the trolls and others who tried to Sarandonize Corrente. Was a sorry sight to see this past year, but things are looking up with your return.