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Troy Jackson (D-Allagash), "The Speech"

Speech given 5/30/14 during 2014 Maine Democratic Party Convention in Bangor, ME. He's running against Emily Cain, a "progressive" dealmaker who has yet to repudiate the corrupt Baldacci administration.

NOTE Sure wish I had a transcript, heh heh. Hat tip, letsgetitdone.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...any other politician; a lying sack of shit.
Nothing new, nothing noteworthy; just a bid to appeal to the disenfranchised masses as a savior come lately.
Am I wrong?

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Submitted by V. Arnold on question wasn't rhetorical; I have no idea if he's the real deal or not...

Submitted by lambert on

... to a "deal maker" from my own town, interestingly enough -- the same deal-makers that brought us the landfill -- they hope landfills, plural, soon -- and never once apologized or even mentioned the corruption of the Democratic administration that did so.

Basically, even given two lying sacks of shit -- one a logger, and the other, the dealmaker, working for the university (which gave the landfills a leg up) -- give me a logger who throws the working people some red meat.

Of course, Maine voters like pragmatic dealmakers in DC. Because we're poor, positioning ourselves as swing votes (like Collins and Snowe and now "Independent" Angus King) is a well-tested strategy for bringing home a little bacon from Washington. Hasn't done much for us in the recession, though....