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What amazes me, or not, is how the coverage of Obama from our famously free press is, in so many ways, exactly the same as that of Bush; for example, the Triumph of The Will-style upward shot of the Leader posed against the sky.

Sick fucks in the Village, lots of 'em. Many, many authoritarian followers, who think they chose a leader, instead of electing a President. Administrations come, administrations go; and the Village, and its attitudes -- and institutions and policies -- remains.

Nothing the Village says or does is designed to help people like us; everything they say or do is working some kind of angle; and none of their coverage is to be trusted. "These people only understand force."

We learned all that under Bush.

None of it will change with Obama. Not one iota.

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I'm seeing lots of news reports about a new dog in the White House. Surely, that's something isn't it?
I really really really don't give a crap about the Obama family dog. I didn't care about the Clinton dog, the Bush dog or any other symbol that's supposed to humanize people in power. It's as if they assume that's all we proles need to be satisfied.
How about making sure I'm not measuring out a cardboard box this year? Huh?