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Obama to actually actually meet with the Progressive caucus -- who plan to push him on retaining the public option in health care "reform."

Remind me again why The Greatest Progressive President EVAH has to be pushed on this?

Since the United States really is not a center-right country, then wouldn't make sense to govern that way? Just a thought.

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The ponies are on back order. They are scheduled to arrive sometime in the next 8 years.

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Specter was one of a small handful of people who turned the Stimulus from good to mediocre and Krugman warned us about the Centists/moderates. Funny how things are great for Krugman WRT Specter jumping ship.

Its all about holding on to power, IMO, and no better way for a pol to do that than to hitch a ride on the currently better brand.

I say this as someone who thought Specter would be the Dems best hope to curtail the GOP after 2004. I was wrong.

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The only positive I can see from this (right now*) is that he seems set on rolling back the imperial presidency. However, that would be utterly pointless unless there are prosecutions (i.e. accountability) for those, from the top down, who committed war crimes (and other crimes) during the Bush era. As Bush himself noted, "following orders" just doesn't cut it.

*Maybe Democratic voter pressure can force him left.

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The corporate stranglehold on Washington won't get rolled back by itself! Politicians who might be "captured" by the mentality, "What's good for corporate bastards is good for America" basically need to have their eyes pried open with crow bars.