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Translation: Imperial Sugar was a hell-hole and a death trap where management killed 13 people


There's good reporting in Savannah Now on the Chemical Safety Board's report, but this sentence caught my eye:

Safety board investigators speculated Imperial managers were lulled into complacency by a series of "near misses" - explosions and fires that caused no fatalities.

That, said investigation supervisor John Vorderbrueggen, is why Imperial failed "over many years" to effectively control dust explosion hazards. During that period, Vorderbrueggen said, "smaller fires and explosions continued to occur at their plants and other sugar facilities around the country."

Can you imagine? Like Jesse Jackson said: "They work every day." They go into work at factories that are exploding and catching fire routinely because they must. Takes courage, no?

And while nobody could be more pleased than I am that the Democrats "don't have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics" any more, there are times when I do think the Dems could take lessons in courage from their working class base (no matter what color).

NOTE Via Fact-esque.

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Israel's national poet said about the workers (he wrote about his mom): every day walking to the gallows.

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SO makes up for drugging a child so one can rape her every which way a long long long time ago. I mean, what's all the fuss about? It's not like it's torture.