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Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty aims to Eliminate Public Banks--secrecy imperative to Big Banksters

Audio, but no transcript. Can be downloaded, which might be a good idea as financing doesn't allow some stations to keep programs archived very long.

It appears that the Big Banksters are trying to use the Trans-Pacific Partnership to eliminate the competition, however small, that public banking provides. They want to do this internationally, to ensure they are the only game not only in town but in the whole world.

And they must have utmost secrecy to enable them to get this through the Senate. Not that lots of senators won't support this, but the public must be kept in the dark, especially after the Big $h*t Meltdown and economic crash the Big Banksters caused.

What I don't understand is why many other nations would go along with this. There must be pressures the Big Banksters can bring to bear on them.

Guns and Butter

"Public Banking 2013" with Marc Armstrong, Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute. Key benefits of public banking; state and county banks; common misconceptions; commercial, wholesale and investment banking; the Trans Pacific Partnership; Fast Track; Cyprus banking crisis; Dodd Frank; 2005 Bankruptcy Law; derivatives a threat to depositors; FDIC/BOE document; Public Banking Institute; Public Banking 2013 Funding the New Economy Conference

The discussion of derivatives noted that holders of that evil paper now have priority in being made whole in case of a bank failure. Depositors, at the end more or less. Which is crazy.

I'm not sure how accurate that is, so need to do some more searching.

I heard a part of this broadcast on NYC's WBAI Pacifica outlet Friday morning while driving. Figured lambert would enjoy it. I found this audio on KPFA, San Francisco. It appears Guns and Butter is having some funding issues, so if any are able to make a donation this is a very good program which looks at public policy and the economy. WBAI is having heavy duty funding issues, as their transmitter was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and their offices weren't getting infrastructure back so they had to move.