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Training Iraqi Security Forces by Killing Them

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I'm not sure this is a method that will work.

April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Coalition forces in Iraq shot dead three Iraqi policemen by mistake today during a raid on a suspected terrorist cell near the town of Ramadi, the U.S. military said in a statement.

During the raid, the troops were shot at by men in two separate buildings and returned fire, according to the statement e-mailed from Baghdad.

``We do everything we can to reduce risk to friendly forces,'' said Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Garver, a spokesman for Multi National Force - Iraq, adding coalition forces did not know Iraqi police were in the area. One policeman was also wounded, the military said.

The U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi government forces are trying to contain an insurgency in Iraq and also stem sectarian violence between the Shiite and Sunni Muslim communities.

The so-called friendly fire incident is under investigation, according to the statement. Seven suspected terrorists with alleged links to the al-Qaeda network in Iraq were detained during the raid.

"Al-Qaeda" = dogwhistle to make you stop thinking. Our troops don't have the information they need to know who they are shooting at because of the arrogance of our leaders, who refuse to understand that their narrative of the "good guys" and "bad guys" in Iraq is more or less fantasy.

I have read variations of this story weekly or more, since the invasion and occupation began. When will it get through your thick heads, war supporters (Nuddie, I'm looking at you) that this is no way to "win" an occupation? Put yourself in the shoes of the dead policemen's families: are you going to tell your remaining sons and brothers that this is the line of work they should choose? Or that Americans are trustworthy?

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Don't forget: "we were attacked."

As long as we're killing brown people in the Middle East, that justifies whatever happens, right?

This I know because the MSM has tacitly told me so.

Wrong country, wrong targets, whatever.

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...which, according to latest WH propwash is the goal. Of the hour or of the day, I'm not sure which yardstick we're using right now.

They must have been those imbedded violent militia types that the police have in them. You can tell which ones they are because they shoot people See?