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"A Train Running A Profit is Charging Too Much"

Bruce McF in Hillbilly Report:

Note that the statement is abbreviated for the title. The full statement is, a common carrier like a train, bus, or plane that running a profit based on passenger revenue while paying its full operating and capital cost is charging too much for its tickets. ....

A common carrier transport service provides multiple services.

  1. The passenger taking the service receives a direct benefit
  2. The passenger choosing an alternate means of transport receives an insurance benefit in the form of an available back-up means of transport in case the preferred alternative fails
  3. In the US and most Western nations, common carrier transport services are more space-efficient than the most common semi-private private vehicle transport, the automobile, so the passenger taking the common carrier service is providing a congestion benefit to semi-private motorists
  4. Common carriers normally operate with designated origin and destination points, which concentrates foot traffic and creates property value
  5. When compared to semi-private automotive transport, common carrier rolling stock is normally far more intensively employed, substantially reducing rolling stock material overheads per passenger mile
  6. These are in addition to the general external benefits of transport in permitting people to congregate, to the benefit of employers, retailers, and a wide range of service providers
  7. These are also in addition to specific advantages or disadvantages of specific technologies, such as the intrinsic energy efficiency and aggregate labor efficiency of coupled vehicles operated in a train over uncoupled vehicles operated individually.

The value of the common carrier ticket reflects [only] the direct benefit to the passenger. ... All who benefit should pay, not just riders

Yep. If we've got any A listers who regularly cover transport issues, they might consider throwing Hillbilly Report a link, since they cover these issues regularly and well.


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