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Tracking Late Blight...

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The following link is to a site that tracks the presence of Late Blight spores.

Tomato-Potato Late Blight Risk Tracker

Updates every few days. If you see red or yellow flags near your area, take precautions.


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Submitted by gob on

Serenade garden disease control, from Agra Quest. I had to order it online. It is NOT a fungicide, and must be used before things get out of hand. It's a bacterium that (if I remember correctly) competes with the fungi for infection sites.

Of course I don't know if it helped me last year, but I started spraying in early August, and all but one of my tomato plants survived the blight storm that hit my neighborhood.

I started spraying with it last week and intend to keep at it all summer.

Submitted by Lex on

Interesting map! It's not generally much of an issue in these parts...a benefit to being off the beaten path i suppose.

I'll try to remember Serenade if it shows up.

I like that the map shows "spores forming" out in Lake Superior nearly 100 km.