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"TPP Ignorance" merits its own Facebook Page

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I've created a Facebook page at, to have a central place for posting about the appalling level of ignorance regarding TPP.

This appalling level of ignorance I mostly blame on the so-called "activists" (who have done a fine job assembling a large, transpartisan coalition of groups; but who apparently have not a single constituent group member that has a clue about educating the public at large). I've listened in to a lot of the interoccupy anti-TPP conference calls, and never heard anybody lay out a specific goal of public education, or even a specific goal of measuring the degree of public education.

You would never run a for-profit company, of any appreciable size, in such a clueless manner.

While I mostly blame the so-called "activists", in point of fact, it was the responsibility of all citizens to deep-six TPA, TPP, etc., and to pry control of "their" government back from the plutocrats (instead of allowing things to degenerate to this level, where passage of TPA is a real possibility.) This is our common failure, whether we like it, or not.

A vote in the House may occur as early as this Thursday. Of course, calling your Congress critter is advised. However, given the level of persistent ignorance, I would focus on correcting this appalling lack, even at this late date. After all, even if TPA passes, the populace could still become aroused enough to defeat TPP, but nobody can become aroused about something they know nothing about.

So, I suggest
a) printing out, then posting and handing out as many anti-TPP flyers as you can afford; I've posted flyers here (.docx) and here (.pdf).
b) asking your social media contacts to do the same, paying special attention to those whose representatives are
c) "undecideds" in whip counts, such as this one

See How to Pass Out Flyers. In some towns you will need a permit even on a public sidewalk, so it's best to check that out, first.

I suggest you not believe any polls re TPP approval, which don't credibly contextualize them by reporting who EVEN HAS A CLUE WHAT TPP IS. (AFAICT, this criteria means none are credible). I've posted videos on the new facebook page, which suggests TPP Ignorance is the norm. The "bubble world" of political blogs aren't relevant for most Americans.

Time we dealt with that fact, while accepting the constraint/fact of ongoing control of main stream media by plutocratic forces, no?


N.B. Googling for "TPP" and "polling" yields a previous diary "Why I’m Sure the Pew Research Poll re: TPP Approval in the US is a Fraudulent POS", here at correntewire, in the #2 slot.

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