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The toxic leader meme

koolaid"Light on Leadership" in Pravda:

Good-government groups such as the Partnership for Public Service have been ever more aggressive in calling President Barack Obama to lead as "executive in chief." This argument demands attention at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As the Partnership's CEO, Max Stier, argued only days before the midterm debacle, the president "must be the leader of the entire government and accountable for making sure that it works. Without the president's personal commitment, our government's ability to meet the needs of the American people is likely to fall short."

Er, does the principle that Light elucidates remind anybody of anything? Some history, maybe?

Last I checked, the President's oath of office required that they "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Clearly, however, that's not the priority in our ruling elite...

NOTE Funny thing. My third post on this topic (10/11/2007; first here) was on Nancy Pelosi. I had focused on this quote, where of anti-war advocates, she remarked:

"They are advocates," [Pelosi] said. "We are leaders."

With the perspective of three years, I find this part of the quote more interesting:

Though crediting activists for their "passion," [that is, their money and time] Pelosi called it "a waste of time" for them to target Democrats.

How right she was!

UPDATE Ian has a fine counter-post to the authoritarian followership exhibited by the "good government" types Light cites.

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Submitted by Hugh on

Our elites loot. They don't know how to do their supposed jobs anymore. There used to be a balance between looting and governance. Now it is all looting all the time. The idea that just reminding them that they should do their jobs and that they will go do them goes to show how clueless and/or complicit groups like the PPS are. In fact, the PPS sounds like another Trojan horse operation. By not opposing Obama directly and unequivocally they enable him and the ongoing kleptocracy.

BTW thanks for the links. I have been trying to track down a link to that Nancy Pelosi quote for an age. That whole article in the Post, even if it is by Milbank, captures her complete arrogance and contempt for progressives and the Democratic base. And the fact that it comes from October 10, 2007 shows that the war on its base is nothing new for Democrats or confined to one person, Barack Obama.