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Torturers Are US--Jane Mayer and Philippe Sands discuss what Obama should do--which is not "Forever Cruises"

Update: Link to Greenwald - Terrorists in Prison: is there anything the Right doesn't fear? His update covers the Fearful Serious Dem Senators.
Update 2: Marcy Wheeler's article on 13 Most Wanted US Terrorists, in Salon.

New Yorker Correspondent Jane Mayer and British Attorney Philippe Sands, on Democracy Now today, note that once Obama actually takes part in the cover up of the whole torture issue, he too becomes complicit and that question is still open, despite some good beginning steps by Obama. Philippe Sands said that the countries where Obama wants to send these prisoners must demand that Obama investigate and bring to light how this terrible situation came about, and until Obama does so, refuse to take any of the prisoners.

David Ignatius discusses the sad, but necessary, benefits of torture on Charlie Rose. His view seems to be the new Village talking point. "It works."

On an extra part of the discussion with Amy Goodman broadcast during the fund raising portion after the show, Jane Mayer talked about ideas the CIA had "floated" (pun very intentional) for dealing with the prisoners at Gitmo. A major problem, in the words of the CIA, was that BushCo had not considered a "disposal plan" for those prisoners. One idea they came up with was to house the prisonsers on cargo ships which would continually circumnavigate the globe, keeping the prisoners on them...forever or until death did them part, never docking in any ports.

Anyone remember the famous garbage barge which could find no country which would receive its cargo? Now we have the human equivalent. A major "disposal" problem. Sad and sickening.

This "disposal problem" right now has lead the Congressional Democrats to reject funding for closing Gitmo until Obama comes up with a detailed plan. Several senators made clear that NIMBY applies to their states and, out of an excess of caution, all the states surrounding their states! As reported on NPR, Ben Nelson of NE doesn't want any of those prisoners in his state, nor does he want them in Kansas.

Anyone recall a time when many Congressional Dems were calling for the closure of Gitmo? Running election campaigns on that issue? If Dem Congress Critters are x-rayed, how many spines would be visible?

This from the Dems, with Harry Reid making the announcement on the floor of the Senate that the funding had been stripped out. Mitch McConnell (and Dick Cheney) have won this battle.

Jane Mayer said that by going to the public on mostly friendly programs, Cheney has made an impact. She said he's doing it because there's no other Republican willing to defend his and BushCo's actions. Now, he's getting some backing.

She added that BushCo did much to create an image in the public's mind of the Gitmo prisonsers as almost preternatural monsters -- an example was a general saying these were such desperate (and strong jawed!) men that they could chew through airplane cable to bring their transport planes down. Gee, sorta like some character out of Heroes.

Glenn Greenwald addresses the fear of prisoners today at Salon.

The Democracy Now transcript should be up soon, but video is available now.

For my discussion of David Ignatius on Charlie Rose, since RL is demanding time today, please read this comment string on TalkLeft.

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