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So pop culture isn't totally worthless.

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Not totally worthless but, well, a little slow on Gary Trudeau's part—Michael Moore said that almost three years ago [1 October 2008].

Actually, by 2009, the Forbes 400 had more total net wealth than the bottom 60% (not 50%) of US households had. (And the total net wealth of that Forbes 400 went from $1.27 trillion in 2009 to $1.37 trillion in 2010.)

Take a look at some more facts and figures [circa 2009, sorry] on Sam Pizzigati's (of slide presentation including this quote from well-known radical Dwight D. Eisenhower:

In many countries of the free world private enterprise is greatly different from what we know here. In some, a few families are fabulously wealthy, contribute far less than they should in taxes, and are indifferent to the poverty of the great masses of the people . . . A country in this situation is fraught with continual instability. It is ripe for revolution.

[National Automobile Show Industry Dinner, Detroit, 17 October 1960]