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Too funny

Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination.


What do I pay the lawyer with? Asshole.

NOTE Seriously, I'm for "Jobless need not apply" leading to consequences. But in policy terms, this is s-o-o-o bandaid on cancer.


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LOOOOOOOOOONG drawn out process of trying to get the Sailor's unemployment settled. Finally had to break down and get a lawyer, and since he will also be prosecuting the OSHA discrimination case, he is representing him at the appeals hearing on the condition that he doesn't get paid until Sailor wins the UI hearing.

And we only found that lawyer, because we knew another lawyer. John Grisham novels aside, lawyers aren't in the habit of working pro bono for just causes, every other attorney we talked to wanted money up front before they'd even look at the facts of the case(thereby learning it's a slam dunk, we only got an attorney because the employer did, postponing the hearing, AGAIN).

Plus, what discrimination? I mean perhaps the case could be made that companies that are rolling in profit shouldn't have done layoffs, and you could probably win it in a jury trial(people are pissed), but if there no longer is the money for your position, who was discriminated against?

I guess the lawyer's lobbies are throwing money at him now.

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there is no law saying employers can't demand that their applicants already have jobs.

What reality is Obama living in?

Ah! Yes. Bamboozle Land.

Update: I'd forgotten Obama included a proposed law to make discriminating against the unemployed in his jobs prackage. But, it's still Bamboozle Land.

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How awesome!

Sounds like "jobs wreckage". If you didn't mean to do that... you're even brilliant by accident!