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Too bad it's not appropriate to look back at the 2008 campaign...

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... otherwise, we could watch dissectin' Danny Schechter tell the story they* didn't want you to know about: Barack Obama's historically historic historicism.

Ain't it grand? He's the "People's** PresidentTM"!


* Other than the entire media and blogosphere, and nearly every Democratic insider

** Other than for people who needed mortgage relief, single-payer health care, the separation of church and state, the end of DADT, a downsized military, the trillions handed to Hank Paulson's golfing buddies, the repudiation of Reagan's values, the restoration of Constitutional government, and a trustworthy, un-misogynistic, un-classist, un-ageist left-blogosphere

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Submitted by lambert on

[rimshot, laughter]

Actually, bitter is the new angry, isn't it? The forbidden emotion!

Schechter the Director? Change, indeed...

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Obama, for all his shortcomings, which are becoming more obvious by the day, has pioneered the way change must be won — not by people on the top, but by all of us. It remains for “us” to hold him accountable. We live in a culture of amnesia - it is important to learn the lessons of the recent past.

Are we really supposed to learn the lessons of the recent past?

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Obama seems time and again as the status quo president: don't change the banks, don't change Gitmo, don't change health care, don't change insurance, etc.

Obama: the change the auto industry president.