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Tony Blair on "Black Culture" - A New Hitler Rising

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Tony Blair issued a statement blaming so called “Black Culture” for increases in gun and knife violence. The audacity of a member of one of the most barbaric civilizations to ever exist has my blood boiling. Blair’s comments remind me of Goebbels’ letter concerning the Jews. Without considering the exploitation and centuries of oppression that has formed the core of British society Mr. Blair is setting in motion a second Maafa, a period of scape goating, hatred, oppression and exploitation that will lead to the perpetual feudalization of British and global society. To reduce the complexity of exploitation and criminal oppression of a government to a nebulous “Black Culture” is an invitation to Ethnic cleansing and genocide. Mr. Blair has just crossed the line and is approaching the actions of Hitler.

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Blair knows better, of course, which is what makes his denouncement so hypocritical.

The culture he decries is a synthetic marketing device designed to entrap and enslave the unwitting.

Some of his strongest supporters on either side of the Atlantic make millions by selling exploitation, despair, and violence to all young people. This especially targets western youth of African descent, but is appealing to many Europeans as well. Of course, these same corporate shills also sell the Confederate racist culture that appeals to some Westerners not buying the dark meat.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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Well, substitute "black" with "rap" and you're pretty close to the mark, though.

Before anyones' knee jerks, remember that rap is produced, and enjoyed, by many different folks in many countries.

Glorification of gang life, gangster life, mafia life, and the rap life, are a real problem.


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Blair's comments are controversial to be sure, and what he said should be subject to debate, but not to condemnation. I suspect there's an uncomfortable portion of truth to what he said. Unfortunately, who delivers this message seems to be more important than what the message is. That's pretty much always the case, since it's all about whom you feel comfortable believing.

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Is it really helpful to point out the color of Tony the Poodle's flour composition?

Responsible for deaths in Iraq? Definitely.

Guilty of making a stupid and racist remark in this instance? For sure.

Honky tonk cracka ass Whitey? Meh. So what?

The point that Blair and people like Bill Cosby deliberately avoid is that regardless of skin tone and music playlist, poor people disproportionately commit and are victims of violence.

This was true when the Irish and Italians were the underclass in NYC around the turn of the century as it is now.

Rather than address the problems of economic inequality and discrimination, it's much easier for those in power to blame the "culture" and the "gangsta rap". It absolves the powerful of their responsibility to solve social problems and places it squarely on nebulous concepts and on the powerless themselves.

- Victor Shystee, saltine and matzoh cracker mix.

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I didn't even realize you were riffing on Imus' infamous statement, until half an hour later. I'm a little slow, and overly sensitive sometimes.

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I have to make do. First, Nez welcome. I just want to say thank you to all the folk who have taken the time to comment and make this blog a really wonderful place to be. I've been travelling around for a bit and have had to get my connection fix when and where I can.

In a myriad of internet cafe's, Baranguy's (neighborhoods, provinces, villages, and countries there have been a number of wonderful and frightening ovbservations.

One of the isuses I want to draw out is that we still have a chance. The idea of america is all over the world. the idea of Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace are truly in the heart of the people around the world. The majority of the world is poor, exploited, poisioned, hopeful, generally kind, and always looking for a brighter future, especially for their children.

What has been transpiring over the last couple of years is the return of unforgivable blackness. That quality of the colonized, the oppressed and exploited, to be who they are and live how they choose. The term was first applied to Jack Johnson during the turn of thecentury when he was the first heavy weight cahmpion. After his demise there wouldn't be aniother black hevay weight for nearly half a century.

The idea that america or the "idea of America (USA)" could be based in a classical civilization other than greece or rome is disturbing to the west. But America (The Continent) has a history the extends beyond 1492. The first "Modern" "Democratic" Constitution was written by the members of the Iroquois confederacy who long ago relaized the necessity of cooperation and stewardship in their existence here on mother earth. From the Mississippi civilizations, to the Jaguar Tribes (The Maya, Inca, Aztec,; From the Houma and Taino; the inuit - america has a long tradition of civilization and peace. There are those of us who draw our identity from these sources however fragmented they may be. We need to seriously reconsider realigning our fundamental concepts about the way we relate to the land on which we depend and the souls with whom we share our existence.

Tony Blair is sparking the Patrollers, Th e Klan, the Lynch mob however you want to call it. It remains the vehicle of those who would deny the basic right to life liberty and the resources given by the erath to all its inhabitants. Rap Culture, Gangster culture is the continuation of a long standing struggle for independence and self determination - not only from Black Folk but from the poor and disenfranchised.

The Violence, Misogeny, MAterialism have their root in Five hundred years of occupation, rape and genocide. Like Pac said - I ain't a killer but don't push me. It was not an accident that he was named after a revolutionary, also the son of the panther.

The rising level of police brutality in the black communuity is going unnoticed, the violent and inhuman raids and round ups of "illegal aliens" is going largely unnoticed.

What I'm trying to say is everyone that makes less than 10 million a year should be concerned. Because when they have secured the colored folk - those who are used to fighting day to day, who know the y have nothing to lose; then, they'll start raiding trailer parks, exurbs, and even the condominium.

Right now I'm in a place where water is a commodity. Not because there is anatural scarcity but becasue there is a monopoly. Created by grafted and secured through force and violence. Here they think rap stars are supermen who are rich and take no shit. They scream lyrics back in near perfect english, but can't speak so well.

There really is no finishing thread to this. I just want to say. We still have options, we can choose. We just don't have any time left, so choose quick. Di Ba?

I'll Holla,


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My only question is , How is it possible not to agree with Blair?
Just look at every single country in the world and the highest crime rate will always be with black people. There is a fundamental difference between races.
Only when people start to admit this-things will become better. And black people will be better off!! The truth hurts. But a bullet in the head hurts a lot more. Amen.