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Tomorrow's Important For Another Vote --

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and because I found this at the 527 formerly known as DailyKos, it took a minute for the shock to wear off.

The Senate Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on the future of the Internet, and a big part of that equation is net neutrality. I know net neutrality is important to a lot of you here, but Senators haven't heard from you in a while on the issue, and I want to make sure we keep this front and center - it's that important.

Go read John Kerry's Diary

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i wish MoveOn was working on this...

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I'm glad that there is someone at Corrente willing to slog through the mire that DailyKos has become and find the occasional important piece of information there, so we don't have to!

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but what hooked me on DKos was the SoCal wildfires liveblogging, back last fall when I was jobless.

There still are good people over there.
There still is good information over there.

But it's not a good idea to go over there unprepared.
A Tyvek suit and rubber boots is about minimum PPE...