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Today's single payer post: The United Methodist Church

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Time to meet the members of the coalition who support HR 676. We start with The United Methodist Church, spiritual home of Bush, Hillary Clinton, and millions of Americans.

United Methodist Policy

Support HR 676

U.S. House of Representatives Resolution 676 is the most comprehensive health care legislation up for consideration in the House today. It offers a mechanism that would make health care services available to everyone while at the same time reducing the enormous administrative costs of our current healthcare delivery system. Impressively, HR 676 has received the endorsement of 68 Representatives to date. However, that’s still barely 15% of the votes, and if you’ll recall legislative mathematics 101, you need 51% to win.

We are encouraging churches and other organizations to sponsor events in support of health care for all on or as close as possible to 6/7/06 June 7th, 2006.

This would be a good time for your church to conduct a Health Care Justice Sabbath. HR 676, the United States National Health Insurance Act (or, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act) is far-reaching because it includes the following provisions:

• Provides free health care for all persons residing in the US and US territories financed through the government, replacing today's multiplicity of health care payers with a single paying entity, and eliminating cost shifting.

• Includes all medically necessary care,

• Prohibits private insurers from selling health insurance coverage that duplicates benefits of HR 676

• Prohibits HMOs from rewarding physicians who discourage patients from seeking health care

• Finances health care for all through (1) paperwork reduction (2) rational bulk purchases of medicines (3) existing health care funding (4) increased income taxes on the top 5% of earners; (5) a modest payroll tax, and (6) a small tax on stock and bond transactions.

• Provides for retraining and job placement assistance for persons whose jobs are eliminated due to reduction of health administration requirements

• Establishes a National Board to ensure quality, access, and affordability

• Provides for eventual integration of Veterans and Indian Health Services into the program.

• Permits providers to focus on providing care rather than justifying to insurers the care they are providing.

What the General Board of Church and Society is doing

GBCS advocates for health care for all in the United States by focusing on a single-payer national health plan on the state and federal level, protecting the building blocks of universal health care (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Health, Indian Health Service, and employer-sponsored health care insurance) and promoting the Health Care Justice Sabbath Program.

The United Methodist Church has a proud history of advocacy, which is why Richard Scaife is attempting to subvert it. More information from David Niewert and Chuck Currie.

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