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Today's single payer post: Texas Reps for HR 676

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Challenger Dr. Ludwig Otto endorses universal healthcare, but does not specifically endorse HR 676 or single payer. If you live in Texas’ sixth CD, you might ask him.

Al Green is committed to fighting for affordable, comprehensive coverage for all Americans.

Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee regards health care as one of the most pressing issues facing this country and the world.

Tom Love calls for universal healthcare, but does not specifically call for HR 676, so if you live in the 24th CD, you might ask for clarification. It may be that he has not heard of HR 676, nor know that four current Texas Representatives are co-sponsors.

Eddie Bernice Johnson is a registered nurse, so I guess it is no surprise that she supports HR 676.

Silvestre Reyes is a co-sponsor of HR 676 and is committed to addressing the peculiar health challenges of the border area.

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Now, for example, Reyes has his own page. We should all do this (including me!)

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.