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Today's single payer post: stock dumping edition

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Let's talk about corporate greed. It is worse than you thought. We know that these companies make money by collecting premiums and then denying care. The question is, money for who? Let's look at their insider trades:
Cigna's board of directors and chief corporate officers collectively dumped 129,499 shares of Cigna stock. I tried to add that up to what it would be in dollars, got as far as $17,342,224. That is in addition to their very high salary. How much health care could your municipality buy with $17 million dollars?

But it is not just Cigna executives who are involved in stock dumping, all of the insurance parasites are doing the same thing.

Executive management at Aetna dumped 62,569,000 shares of stock. Anyone care to calculate how much that stock is worth and how much health care it would buy in your state?

Wellpoint execs dumped 407,582 shares of stock.

Humana has dumped 135,925 shares.

UnitedHealth Group (under investigation by NY AG Andrew Cuomo) has dumped 246,800 shares of its stock.

What this tells us it that even their corporate insiders do no believe in their business model or their management skills. They are squeezing these companies for as much as they can get out of the until the government shuts them down in favor on a single payer system.

Think about that when you demonstrate tomorrow. I hope that by tomorrow evening we will have dozens of first hand accounts of the National Day of Action.

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