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Today's single payer post: HR 676 reference links

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Thank you. This is much more than an intelligent change to put the U.S. economy back on a competitive footing with the rest of the world, and to fairly deliver what is and should be a basic human right. I know lots of people who are on the edge of financial ruin because of health care costs, including a step son. He slipped on the ice in his driveway last winter and cracked a vertebra. The hospitalization and treatment costs put him one slip away from losing his house - and he has health insurance for which he currently pays $700/month. We all have good reason to fear what our current health care payment system is doing to our society and our families, if not to us personally.

On the health care provider side, there is also a lot of anger about insurers practicing medicine and insurers taking the bulk of our health care dollars. I have two sibs and two in-laws who are doctors, and they each regularly treat patients who they do not charge normally because they do not want to contribute to their patients' bankruptcy. One says he accepts chickens and cheese in payment. At the same time, I hear them talk about their state's health insurers' senior executives' incomes. My sibs are not even as mad at the malpractice lawyers as they are at the insurers (although both are outrageous). I do not know how many physicians are represented by organizations supporting this bill, but I think that there is a broad basis for supporting any bill with traction that promises substantial changes to the death grip insurers now have on health care.

While this bill addresses payments, we should remember that it isn't just the money that is the problem. Insurers are determining medical care for patients who are numbers in a data bank to them. But, one's number makes all the difference. The care a person gets varies depending on their insurer and the group of which they are a part. Patients live, are maimed, or die all as a consequence of their place and power in the system. We all are, or will be, patients. The basis on which the American public will get much more angry should be carefully laid, with no openings for Harry and Louise, and then used to direct the next Congress.

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HR 676 would have more support if more people even knew about it. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of it, or if I did, it did not sink in. I am just trying to amplify the work others have done.