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Today's single payer post, bonus! Greedy CEO edition

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Maryland balks at pay package for former CareFirst CEO

The Maryland Insurance Administration argued Monday that the nearly $18 million CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is prepared to pay William Jews, its former top executive, is too much.

Attorneys with the state agency said the MIA wants to cut the annual and long-term incentives CareFirst, the region's largest health insurer, plans to pay Jews, who left the nonprofit in November 2006. The insurance administration also argued that the primary focus of a nonprofit is not to generate profits or encourage its top managers with incentives to increase profits.

What could your local public health office buy with $18 million dollars? How much nursing home care? How many immunizations? How many home visits?

This is just one of many abuses of the present health neglect system. I am trying to document as many as I can.

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in maryland, fy2005, that would have covered one year's worth of medicaid payments for 8772 kids or 6538 adults or 1233 elderly persons or 1001 disabled persons.