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Today's Public Service Announcement

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Troy McClure Voice

Hi there! I'm Geeky McIdiot. You may remember me from such films as "Star Wars: The Screensaver" and "Science Babes Gone Wild." I'm here to remind you to never, ever, not even if it brought about the end of the Bush Regime, forget to back up your machine.

screen fades

Well, I guess I just got a little carried away there, ho ho, yuck yuck, and let the majesty and breadth of the Intertubes overwhelm my little pea brain. That's right kids, my old workhourse ibook coughed and doesn't seem to want to come back, and I, well, um, sort of haven't backed up in a while.

There! I confessed! What more do you want? Stop kicking me! /uncontrollable sobbing sounds/

Anyway, the loss of the Next Great American novel and the location of Hoffa's body I can live with. But the loss of all my bookmarks is something I'm not going to be able to forgive myself for, not for a long time. If you are in a pitying mood, feel free to deposit the addresses of your favorite liberal blogging resources here. You all know what I like, and this is as good time for a nice blogroll suggestion list as any. Spare the pr0n, as I pretty much write my own (come by the crack den some late night and you'll see).

...and if I seem a little sloppy in the coming posts while I beg rich friends for enough money to replace Old Sally, that's because I'm going to be working on a %#$@#! PC for the while. Jesus these things are crap. I honestly don't know how people can live with these things. Already, I'm innundated with pop ups and reminders and suggestions to buy things. I can't wait for a virus to crash it. Joy.

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